Before Your Visit

Knowing what to expect during an examination helps you overcome your nervousness as well as providing us with a clearer imaging during the session. We aim to provide exceptional care and ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Schedule an appointment

Please contact us directly through hotline before coming in for your examination. 

Inform if you’re pregnant

If you are required by your physician to obtain an x-ray imaging and is expecting a child or planning to conceive, please notify us.

Getting to your appointment on time

We want to provide a seamless and spectacular experience for all of our patients. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment for our staff to prepare you for your examination.

Enquiries on price and payment options

If you have any questions pertaining to the cost of your diagnostic imaging, you may contact us prior to your examination. Finding out about these information prior improves transparency and sets realistic expectations for your imaging process. 

Mindful of apparel and accessories

Do take note on wearing appropriate attire in order to experience a smooth imaging process. You may require to remove any jewelries, glasses, and metal objects for clearer results. 

Bring along your identification card

Bring along your identification card.

Please show us your IC for verification and registration.