Frequently Asked Question

You have questions and we have the answers. Here are some of the frequently asked questions our patient have.

General Questions

What documents do I need for the examination?

A letter or request form from a physician is required for the examination. Please also bring along an identity card or passport for the registration process.

Is there any special preparation required for the examination?

No special preparation is required but you will be asked to change into an x-ray gown and remove any items (e.g. jewellery or accessories) which might affect the imaging process. Please notify our staff if you are pregnant or could possibly be pregnant.

How long is the examination?

It usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Will I feel any pain?

There is no discomfort from x-ray exposure. You will be required to stay still for a clear image.

Is the EOS machine safer than standard X-ray machines?

Yes, the EOS imaging technology is safer because it uses a significantly lesser amount of radiation to produce the highest quality images.

May I be in the room with my child during the examination?

Yes, at least a parent or guardian should be with the child. Please contact us or notify us in advance so that we are able to prepare the best environment to accommodate the needs of your child.

Who will be interpreting my results?

All of our radiologists are certified to examine and interpret the results of the examinations.